Meg Salter: Executive Coaching & Change Management Consulting

Meg-Sm-3As an experienced management consultant, Meg Salter works extensively with private, public and non-profit organizations in Toronto, the GTA, nationally and internationally. Working independently or with project teams, Meg offers:

Personal and Organizational Change

Individuals and organizations can move toward a compelling future through cycles of adaptation and competency development in the present that build on current strengths and engage people skilfully.

You or your organization can achieve sustained change and superior results with Meg’s caring, insightful approach and precisely focused support.

Change in coaching and consulting is integral and developmental

Integral means multi-faceted and full-span, recognizing layers of texture and complexity. When coaching individuals, this means respecting the whole person and the broad life context. When consulting in organizations, an integral approach includes individual capabilities, motivation and performance, shared vision and culture, and organization structure and processes.

A developmental approach means using a proven, research-based change methodology and a comprehensive map of human development to support profound learning.

Learn more about Meg Salter, her Integral coaching for individuals or groups or contact her to discuss how you can work together.

Bamboo: A metaphor for sustained performance

Bamboo is one of the strongest, most versatile materials in the world, yet its centre is hollow. It provides a useful symbol for the development at the core of sustained performance. Bamboo is an ordinary plant with extraordinary application, firm boundaries with the flexibility of an open core.

The heart of Meg Salter’s coaching and consulting work, is her ability to help you identify and work with this open core, whether found in individuals, in teams or in organizational structures and processes.