Executive Coaching for Individuals

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Are you at a critical tipping point in your professional or personal life where your tried and true ways no longer seem to be working? Do you need new approaches to meet goals and aspirations?

Toronto’s Meg Salter provides professional and personal coaching to help you achieve your goals.

With an integral approach to executive coaching you can expect to

  • achieve sustainable and rewarding change
  • become more professionally effective and personally fulfilled
  • stretch yourself by taking a fresh look and doing things outside your norm!
  • surface the hidden assumptions and patterns of behaviour that are impeding lasting change
  • become more mindful, focused and effective in areas that are important to you

Integral Master Coach

As an Integral Master Coach™, Meg will support your professional and personal development with a proven method that is solidly grounded in behavioral science on how people change and grow.

This coaching process will

  • respect the best of your skills, style and experience
  • help you discover new perspectives and possibilities
  • build sustainable new competencies to achieve significant outcomes

As both a business leader and a mindfulness trainer, Meg brings a ‘fierce compassion approach’; accepting and challenging, treating important matters with a light touch, encouraging insight and practical experimentation.

Integral Coach™ is a registered trademark in Canada owned by Integral Coaching Canada Inc. and licensed to Meg Salter.

Coaching Programs

  • Customized: to meet your individual needs, challenges, and available resources
  • Personal: The initial meeting involves getting to know each other and what has brought you to consider coaching
  • Client Goal Focused: In the second meeting, Meg will propose and work with you on a coaching program and developmental goals
  • Confidential: Meetings are fully confidential, take place in person (Toronto area), by phone, or by Skype, last about one hour and occur typically every 2 weeks
  • Flexible: Most coaching programs are 3 – 6 months long, although they can range from 2 sessions to 12 months, depending on the topic
  • Experiential: In between meetings, you should expect to engage in practices or exercises custom designed to help you build the competencies to meet your learning goals

Interested in knowing more?
Contact Meg for a free 20-minute coaching session.

Executive Coaching

Meg has provided Executive Coaching to professionals, physicians, entrepreneurs, business owners, executives and leaders at all levels, performance artists, internationally qualified professionals. Some coaching topics include;

  • leading change
  • executive on-boarding
  • moving into a more complex role
  • working in a more agile kind of organization
  • balancing assertion and inquiry in communications
  • building the administration side of a performance art
  • launching a new business
  • reviewing a partnership structure
  • engaging stakeholders
  • managing conflict productively

Personal Coaching

Within and beyond a business or management context, Meg has helped professionals with:

  • career and life stage transition
  • leadership development
  • finding and staying on track with purpose
  • reducing impact of anxiety
  • operating with increased integrity
  • setting and achieving priorities
  • increasing empathy and emotional intelligence
  • powerful communication and listening skills

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” Meg’s guidance helped me think through organizational and relocation issues positively and ultimately successfully. Her insight and advice will be extremely helpful in setting up my new responsibilities and how I think through my approach with the new team.”
— E.S., General Manager, Healthcare Sector
“Meg parsed our first conversation brilliantly and helped me clarify the central theme I wished to explore, which gave me a lot of enthusiasm. Each meeting I saw more clearly how I could move towards my goal, and indeed was making progress. The readings, homework and conversations with Meg proved to be transformative.”
— D.H., Executive Director, Social Service Agency
“Meg has both a sound framework for helping you to identify and improve a focus area, as well as being very fluid and adaptable to your progress. The thing I appreciate most is her ability to make helpful concepts resonate so they stay with you when you return to your endeavor.
— S. W. Partner at Stroud International 
“Meg was a huge help to me and my career as I transitioned from middle management into senior management. She’s tough and challenging yet supportive (and fun!). She helped me broaden my leadership skills, find new ways of working and develop new approaches — while still remaining true to my strengths and beliefs. If you’re taking a big step forward in your career she’ll help set you on a path to success.”
— M. N. Senior Director, Digital Media, CBC News & Centres