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The Perils of Spiritual Leadership

The challenges of spiritual leadership have recently been highlighted in a New York Times article  for an individual linked with the integral community. Is this a problem unique to the integral community, to spiritual teachers or to leaders in general?

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Growing into the New Resilience

For some people, it’s a dull flat feeling of being stuck. For others, it’s a frantic sense of never enough time, working hard but spinning your wheels. Or it could be felt as an angry cynicism about missing out or

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Get the Full Picture; Leaders See Multiple Perspectives in a Complex World

Many of us are enjoying watching the Winter Olympics, cheering on athletes, witnessing the human drama of endurance, winning and defeat. And many of us are disturbed at the disjunction of human rights and sports in Sochi. Craig and Mark

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The Dilemma of Leadership

Don't get skewerd on the horns of a dilemma!

Like many others, I have been reflecting on the life and global contribution of Nelson Mandela. What struck me most was how over the course of his life he embraced paradox. He experienced the suffering of 21 years of imprisonment,

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Don’t miss a thing in your change project

Ask 12 people what’s going on during change and you’ll get a dozen different answers. Researchers know that change within a dynamic human system – our workplaces – is volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous; ” VUCA”! Faced with charged words like

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