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Natural stress relief: bring the dock on home

Stress relief on the dock

“What’s the point of meditating anyway? I feel like I know my own mind and how to quiet it. I know how to do my own stress relief.” I was on a week’s meditation retreat recently and guiding a friend in

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Build Resilience. Use Your News Feeds – Don’t Be Used Them

Stay engaged or unplug? How do you maintain resilience when 24/7 newsfeeds have you feeling off-balance or overwhelmed? Hunker Down or Stay Engaged? I was talking with a friend today. Like so many, she’s feeling blue. Staying on top of the

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Sync Up Your Self-Awareness and Other Awareness for Leap Day

Every four years on Leap Day, we are reminded to re-sync our human made clock time to nature’s solar time. I don’t know about you, but this reminds me how I am always a little slow to catch on to

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Finding Time for What’s Important

From 5:30 – 800 PM she doesn’t take calls. Catherine McKenna – Canada’s Minister of Environment and Climate Change – builds family and personal resilience by creating boundaries that protect her family life from her big job. As reported, for several hours

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