Mindfulness training for focus, attention and relaxation

Small_sitting figure goldenMindfulness is about paying attention in a focused, yet relaxed way to ordinary things. With practice, you learn to be fully present, attentive, conscious and without judgment about what is happening in any given moment.

With roots in Buddhist meditation and a contemporary perspective, mindfulness is now being applied in the workplace, the medical clinic and the classroom. Studies from organizations such as the University of Wisconsin, the University of Massachusetts and the U.S. National Institutes of Health show that mindfulness affects physical brain functioning, individual health and performance.

You can benefit from the increased mental clarity, emotional resilience and physical relaxation that come from regular mindfulness practice. In leadership roles mindfulness can help you stay focused on critical tasks, be fully present in conversations, deal with stress or anxiety, make decisions with confidence, think creatively, plan calmly.

Mindfulness is a trainable skill

Through mindfulness meditation and training you’ll learn to:

  • Reduce chronic physical pain
  • Reduce stress
  • Enhance personal resilience or performance
  • Explore your personal source of meaning

Mindfulness training for individuals, groups and organizations

Meg Salter has been teaching mindfulness meditation to groups, individuals and organizations since 2003 and studying mindfulness since 1995. She offers keynote presentations, workshops such as Mindfulness for Personal Resilience, group classes and one-on-one coaching.
Meg’s integral approach helps you build a sustainable practice that will make a real difference in your life. With Meg, you’ll develop:

  • a range of mindfulness techniques, anchored in your own unique purpose
  • customized practices to suit your temperament and life context
  • a doable structure and rhythm to your practice
  • an encouraging and trusting relationship



“Thanks again Meg for your critical role in making our recent Executive Team retreat a success. Your well-documented, professional presentation and practical strategies for helping us as individuals and as an executive team develop compassion, resilience and awareness not only helped make our meeting more collaborative and productive but also provided us with strategies to use in our day to day challenges.”
— T. R., Director Gereral, federal government agency
“In the increasingly complex world that we live in, the need for mindfulness is critical to the health of ourselves and our organizations. I have known Meg since 2000 and she is a wonderful teacher / coach in the field of mindfulness. Her unique combination of business consultant using many of the leading edge philosophies and methodologies combined with her extensive practice and knowledge of mindfulness allows her clients to learn the practices of mindfulness and develop the ‘muscle memory’ to be able to bring the habits of mindfulness into their work with clarity and ease.”
— M. M., Partner at Innovation Works