Change Management Consulting



A change management consultant brings well-honed processes and tools to work collaboratively with organizational leaders and teams to foster the people-side of organizational change. You know your change management initiative is successful when you achieve desired outcomes, enhance personal resilience and boost performance and productivity.

When you and your organization work with Meg Salter, you can expect to:

  • Meet business goals
  • Achieve sustained results
  • Anticipate and positively respond to a changing environment
  • Create a positive organizational culture of meaningful work, responsive processes, more effective teams and transparent communication

Meg’s work in organizational design and change management uses an integrated approach, focusing on both individual and group development. She supports and facilitates an organic approach to change, and brings an ability to quickly develop true partnering and work at multiple scales in the organization.

Meg’s Experience in Change Management Consulting

Her experience includes a full range of functions, from Sales and Marketing, Information Technology, Operations, Human Resources, Customer Service, to Policy Development and Program Management. Meg has

  • consulted with senior management and Boards
  • facilitated leaders and groups
  • led change initiatives such as organization design and strategic planning

You can read more about Meg Salter’s experience here or contact her to discuss how you can work together.

Change Management

Organizational change happens all the time; organizations change size or direction, key players change, regulations shift. Yet up to 75% of all planned change efforts fail, or achieve less than optimum results.

By combining multiple perspectives and weaving together seaming paradoxes, an integral approach to change helps you improve on these odds! This can include; key individuals and diverse groups, subjective skills and objective performance goals, shared culture and structured processes, non-negotiable change core and stakeholder interests, effective planning and responding to emerging change patterns.

In change management efforts, Meg has worked with senior teams and Board, project teams and community groups from 6 – 300 in size in processes that range from one meeting to many months. This can include change architecture, meeting design and facilitation, provision of specific skills and content and behind the scenes leadership coaching. Process focus can include:

  • Strategic Planning to clarify the non-negotiable core, the scope, focus and benefits of the intended change, engage stakeholders within the area of focus and develop the implementation plan
  • Stakeholder engagement or large group discussion on contentious issues
  • Team building including mandate clarification, communication, conflict resolution, accountability and trust building
  • Creating joint agreements or alliances
  • Interactive training sessions on behavioural or leadership topics
  • Board and governance work

Where appropriate, well tested engagement approaches such as Appreciative Inquiry and Open Space Technology can be used to support the people side of change.

Contact Meg to learn more about change management.

Organizational Design

Effective organizational design aligns an organization to meet strategic goals. The level of support provided to your organization can be tailored to your situation, from in-depth analysis and re-design, to a facilitated team based approach, to strategic consulting with senior executives.

Meg uses a rigorous, evidence based approach that fosters accountability and trust. Key elements in the design methodology include; clear differentiators for work at different levels of complexity, the right number of layers of management, right grouping of work, well designed roles, transparent role relationships, clear accountabilities and authorities, effective team work. Some organizations also seek research on best practices or structures from comparable organizations.

Depending on the level of support required, an organization design project includes:

  • project planning and orientation on organization design principles
  • strategy and context review
  • individual or group interviews
  • work analysis, overview of major structural issues and options for re-design
  • full organization structure review to review layers of management, grouping of work and clarity of roles



“MegaSpace provided skilled involvement in our change management work through direct guidance and support of me as CEO, and leadership of development sessions with my Executive team and extended Director team. Oven 18 months we established a shared vision, values and key processes to lead forward the organization and business. Personal development and learning are now embedded in our yearly leadership meetings. Through Jill Malleck’s work with our HR Director, these same leadership vision and values are built into our HR processes and engage all employees in contributing to the organization. Great results, expert, personable”
— Maria Stenstroem, President and CEO, Volkswagen Group Canada Inc. 
“Meg performed a review of the Management Team in terms of scope of work and salary, including external comparators as well.  She was very good to work with, completed the task well within the time frame and according to the original contractual terms, and her insights were very helpful. We would not hesitate to utilize her again.”
— Executive Director, Community Mental Health Agency
“We are excited to see more of the Integral approach in our program manual.  Your contributions are of high value, particularly the re-categorization of our indicators by orienting quadrant.  As you said, this will help the implementation of the program to develop an action-oriented strategy more easily.”
— Executive Director, International NGO
“The team here has picked up the Integral material and is finding different ways to apply it, including needs assessment work and negotiating differences with other departments. I am seeing what you engaged us with being put into use every day by someone on the team.”
— Research Manager, Community College
“We used Meg Salter recently to assist us in restructuring our administration, and she proved most helpful and insightful. She asked perceptive question and provided a framework which has helped us to rethink the way we organize our work. Her understanding of the changing needs of a growing organization was key for us. The process was very worthwhile.”
— Executive Director, Social Service Agency