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The Perils of Spiritual Leadership

The challenges of spiritual leadership have recently been highlighted in a New York Times article  for an individual linked with the integral community. Is this a problem unique to the integral community, to spiritual teachers or to leaders in general?

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Get the Full Picture; Leaders See Multiple Perspectives in a Complex World

Many of us are enjoying watching the Winter Olympics, cheering on athletes, witnessing the human drama of endurance, winning and defeat. And many of us are disturbed at the disjunction of human rights and sports in Sochi. Craig and Mark

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Mindfulness – Getting Real in Your Own Life

You may have noticed a recent proliferation of media attention to the benefits of mindfulness. As a decades-long meditation and mindfulness practitioner, I’m glad to see all this good press. Indeed, Huffington Post names mindfulness as a top trend for

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The Myth of Directing Change

Directing Change - not what it's cut out to be!

When you think about the successful change efforts you’ve seen, either at work or in your personal life,  have they been heroically directed or skilfully facilitated?  I thought of this when reading a recent Globe and Mail article. George Edwards, a leading

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