Team Coaching

Team coaching helps you accomplish more!

Meg offers two coaching models for groups: intact team coaching and peer group coaching. Intact teams learn to work together in more effective, satisfying ways. Peer groups learn new knowledge from each other and new skills from a coach.

Intact Team Integral Coaching

An intact team is a group of people who work together on a program or project or report to the same individual. Intact team coaching supports the team as a whole to assess their current way of working and move toward a compelling new way of being and working together.

In regular team coaching sessions, team members learn together and try new behaviours and processes. In between coaching meetings, all members apply their learnings to their work.

Unlike traditional teambuilding activities, integral team coaching is an ongoing process, takes place in the midst of daily work and supports achievement of organizational goals. For maximum impact, team coaching can occur in conjunction with individual coaching, so each team member will work on targeted leadership capabilities that will also impact the overall development of the group.

Peer Group Coaching

These action-focused learning groups involve groups of 6-8 individuals, who typically don’t work together, share similar professional or leadership challenges and want to discuss issues in a secure, confidential environment.

In addition to connecting with others in an organization or learning from peers in different organizations, participants are coached to develop new skills; powerful questions and active listening, balancing advocacy and inquiry, surfacing assumptions in order to experiment with more effective approaches, considering the perspectives of other stakeholders in initiatives.

Meg also provides individual micro-coaching in this group setting. For more information you can:


“Your dead-on observations and focused suggestions keep us grounded and real. Thank you so much for all you do for us.”
— Peer group