Helping Leaders Bring Positive Change Through Mindfulness & Executive Coaching | Toronto + Global

As a leader, do you want to create positive change for yourself, your organization or your world?
Do you want to boost your resilience?

Executive coaching and mindfulness coaching will equip you to overcome hidden barriers, build new capacities and sustain your desired change. I provide in-person coaching in Toronto, Canada and online coaching globally to individuals or groups.

Executive Coaching helps leaders at tipping points in their lives or careers, where they need to scale up their response to the complexity of the challenges they face.

Mindfulness Coaching empowers people by deepening their attentional skills and building the muscles of resilience into their daily lives. My book Mind Your Life shows you can get started or ramp up your mindfulness practice.

Mindfulness and Executive Coaching Sustain Change

Coaching is founded on a customized, integral approach. Through coaching, you’ll

1. Frame meaningful goals and your personal motivation for change
2. Become aware of hidden assumptions that impede you
3. Implement customized practices that build sustainable new skills
4. Turn your aspirations for change into reality

My clients report greater self-awareness, agility in actions, fulfillment of relationships, and the ability to live out deeply held values.

Using my rich experience as a certified coach and business consultant, I’ve helped leaders, executives and managers achieve top results for over 25 years.

Ready to achieve the same results?