Meg Salter

What Every Leader Should Know; 6 Reasons for Mindfulness at Work

Mindfulness is not about tuning out to reduce stress, but about getting unstuck, feeling less stretched and expanding the range of what’s possible. Here are 6 reasons for mindfulness at work that will help you respond to ambiguity and disruptive change.

From Stress Reduction to Expanding Possibilities

You’re a functioning leader, manage stress well, and enjoy good relationships with your colleagues most of the time. So why would you want mindfulness at work? If your image is of someone tuning out to reduce stress,

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Intentions shape every step toward your goal

Goals and Intentions for your New Year’s Resolution

Don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions? Set both goals and intentions to focus on tangible future outcomes and the intangible present moment.

Many New Years’ Resolutions are a fuzzy mix of wishful thinking, outlandish goals and vague intentions, coloured by guilt from all those prior resolutions we’ve messed up on! Effective goals and intentions are distinct and mutually supportive. Like the shadow of the roadside photographer in this image, your intentions shape every step of your journey toward your destination.

Goals and Intentions

A recent client wanted to establish the credibility of her new team—and herself—as she led them in making the difficult transition from marketing support to sales.

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Body language for everyone

Pay attention—your body language is speaking

While you are talking, do you know what your body is saying? Use these four elements of body language to integrate both what you say and how you say it.

Communication Challenges

As a leader, body language affects your communication, your relationships and your ability to achieve results. It can even influence your energy levels, and how you respond to stress and conflict. Do any of the following examples sound familiar to you?

Take Charge Body Language

Linda had a take charge body language,

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Equanimity- the fire and the ice

Equanimity for Anyone

If you have too many days of feeling off-balance, stressed or disturbed, you may seek the inner calm and stability that comes from equanimity. Equanimity is not a special quality reserved only for the favored few, but a skill that can be developed by anyone.

Lack of Equanimity as a Problem

There are days for everyone when you feel like you can’t take it all in. You could be an executive trying to meet demanding targets in shifting markets, a gig economy worker trying to make rent or a parent trying to meet work and family needs.

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Waves of change in new job

You’ve Got That Dream New Job. Now What?

What if you’ve landed that great new job, but are experiencing big waves of change, feeling disoriented or wondering if you’ve made the right move? Here are my coaching questions and tips for the Letting Come phase of change, where you are starting out something new.

Several of my clients have recently started exciting new jobs. They are exactly where they wanted to be in life. One is a tech professional who has taken a lateral move that gives her more general business experience and positions her well for executive roles.

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