Meg Salter

Whacked by a Blind Spot

It happened to me last week, and it has probably happened to you. Something you didn’t expect to happen, or were advised wouldn’t happen – did happen. You were whacked by a blind spot! At the time, you do your best to respond in the moment. But afterwards, you can ask – what happened? How come I  didn’t see that coming? What could I do differently next time?

When you are driving a vehicle, a blind spot is ‘the areas of road that can’t be seen while driving forward’.

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Self-observation as a way to move forward

What do you do when you are feeling stuck, or unable to move forward on some issue in your life that is deeply meaningful to you?

One useful approach is to begin the practice of self-observation, or have one part of your attention watching you as you carry out normal daily activities. I call this the 80-20 rule. The larger 80% of you carries on with your day as a little 20% of you does the observing. It is very difficult to do this all day long,

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Forget Me Nots

What do you pay attention to?

In this time of seasonal busyness and new year intentions, how can we use the simple act of paying attention to help us move toward our goals? Well, for one – how do you know what you are paying attention to? It isn’t always obvious. And if we are feeling stuck, we are probably giving more of our attention to things that we don’t even realize!

Here are some simple integral exercises you can do to discover where your attention is going:

  1. Turn your attention ‘inside your head’,

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