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This blog is about helping you to become a more effective, agile, self-aware leader—at work, at home or in your community.

You will find inspiration, real-world stories and pragmatic tips on  overcoming road blocks and encouraging positive movement for yourself and others. Enjoy!

Equanimity- the fire and the ice

Equanimity for Anyone

If you have too many days of feeling off-balance, stressed or disturbed, you may seek the inner calm and stability ...
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Waves of change in new job

You’ve Got That Dream New Job. Now What?

What if you’ve landed that great new job, but are experiencing big waves of change, feeling disoriented or wondering if ...
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Mindfulness Reality Check

Mindfulness Reality Check; eight tips, one warning and one booster

I was delighted to do a guest podcast with Wendy Haylett on her new series Everyday Buddhism, already top-ranked in ...
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light and shadow side

Owning Your Shadow Side

Leaders who want coaching are successful, smart people. So why do I insist that we approach their dark or shadow ...
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Raven coaxes you into powerful communication

Four Factors of Powerful Communication

Communication is a challenge at every level of leadership. Powerful communication can be learned, if you build your capacities for ...
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Transition Phase of Change

What Phase of Change Are You In?

Knowing what phase of change you are in can help you normalize it. If you can recognize the signposts and ...
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Feminine Wisdom of Day by Day Awakening

Feminine Wisdom of Day by Day Awakening

My friend, the new mother of a bouncing little boy, is struggling to re-find her centre. While he is thriving, ...
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Deliver Positive Change

Deliver On Your Positive Change

I don’t know a single leader who goes to work with a deliberately bad intention.  Yet too often we get ...
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Look for Positive Change in the Rear View Mirror

Find Positive Change in the Rear View Mirror

#MeToo, Russian interference with US elections,terrorist car bombs; you'd think the world is getting worse every day. Look again.To find ...
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Mindfulness in bright lights

Mindfulness: Distinguishing Hype, Genuine and Awesome

People often ask, “What can I really expect if I take up mindfulness? How long will it take?” I answer, ...
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Stressful Communication

Resilience in Communication

Clients often seek coaching on communication challenges. There is no one right answer. Each person’s communication challenge is unique, surfaces ...
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Prepare for the challenge of meditation retreats

7 Points to Check Out Before a Meditation Retreat

When you want to take meditation practice to the next level, meditation retreats are an experience like no other. Be ...
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Mindfulness can build your capacity for resilience

The Seven Muscles of Resilience

Mindfulness practice can automatically build resilience. This adaptation from my book Mind Your Life was originally published on Michael Taft's site ...
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Rewire Your Brain for Success: The Power of Mindfulness

Rewire Your Brain for Success: The Power of Mindfulness

For real world stories, and real life guidance on the power of mindfulness, here is a webinar with Redwood Performance ...
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Stress relief on the dock

Natural stress relief: bring the dock on home

“What’s the point of meditating anyway? I feel like I know my own mind and how to quiet it. I know ...
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