Create Your Own Mindfulness Experience. May 13 – 17, 2020


Want to get started with mindfulness? Or find a practice you can stick with and easily integrate into your busy day? Create your own mindfulness experience and personal support program at Immersion 2020, a FREE online meditation summit brought to you by my colleagues at Unified Mindfulness.

It’s free and online. Register for Immersion here 

Find Inspiration

Mindfulness can help everyone become more resilient. As a leader, parent or citizen, mindfulness skills give you the ability to be with disruption, move to a place of acceptance and clear discernment of reality, connect with new possibilities and take focused action.

Here’s a short video on my own journey with mindfulness and what I find so unique about Unified Mindfulness methods

Every day will feature interviews with thought leaders on how mindfulness has impacted their own lives and work, such as Kristen Neff on self-compassion, Rhonda Magee’s on social justice or James Valentine of Maroon Five on performance. Check out some of the Summit speakers here.

Create Your Own Program

With Immersion 2020, you can create your own mindfulness experience. You could drop in for one or two sessions or dive deep for all five days.

In the Life Practice Room, you can learn meditation techniques from highly skilled, trained teachers. Ask any question you’ve ever wanted! Or choose from 50 workshops.

In the Meditation Practice Room, you can practice mindfulness with a like minded community.

I was so impressed with Immersion 2019 that I’ll be contributing significantly this year. Join me and various international colleagues for;

  • May 14, 9 – 10 am EDT—guided Meditation instruction in the Meditation Practice Room
  • May 14, 11- 12 am EDT—Mindfulness at Work workshop
  • May 16, 11:30 – 12:30 am EDT—Be the Change Now: Mindfulness Skills for Stepping Back & Leaning In workshop
  • May 16, 8:30 – 9:00 pm EDT—Mindfulness for Adaptive Leadership workshop

Now more than ever, you need an inner practice to meet adversity, to be at home with yourself, to recognize the ending of old solutions and the beginning of new possibilities.

Register here for Immersion and start planning your own mindfulness experience. See you there!

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