Executive Coaching with Toronto’s Meg Salter

Toronto’s Meg Salter is an internationally experienced Executive Coach who helps leaders develop new perspectives, capacities and skills that enable them to achieve sustainable, satisfying change.

  • Do you have new demands, frustrations or stresses in your professional or personal life?
  • Are you on a trajectory where you need new skills to create the positive change you seek?

When life gets complicated, Executive Coaching helps you create positive change

Coaching will position you to flourish in business and life by:

  • Surfacing the hidden barriers that are impeding your best efforts
  • Developing a coaching topic, and the competencies you will need to embody your vision
  • Utilizing creative metaphors that synthesize old and new ways of approaching your topic
  • Experiencing a supportive coaching relationship that helps you challenge yourself
  • Stretching yourself by doing things outside your norm
  • Engaging in custom designed practices designed to build sustainable skills and achieve remarkable outcomes

Integral Master Coach™ for Executives

Integral Master Coach

With qualifications as an Integral Master Coach™ and Professional Certified Coach (International Coach Federation), I bring proven coaching methods to help you achieve sustainable and rewarding change.

Integral Master Coach™ is a registered trademark in Canada owned by Integral Coaching Canada Inc. and licensed to Meg Salter.

Customized Executive Coaching Programs

All coaching is customized to your needs, flexible to your schedule and provides experiential personalized learning. We will decide on the appropriate length of a coaching program, often from three to six months.

Coaching meetings occur typically every two weeks, for one hour each, either online through phone, skype or zoom, or in person in Toronto/ GTA. You will benefit from my experience in leadership development and change management with a broad range of sectors.

I have worked with:

  • C-suite leaders and their direct reports
  • High-potential leaders as they prepare for or move into more complex roles
  • Global organizations that must meet the complex needs of diverse stakeholders

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Some representative client coaching topics

  • Develop a longer term, strategic perspective
  • Lead organizational or team change
  • Balance assertive and receptive styles in communication
  • Stand for and model key values
  • Set key priorities and adjust pacing of implementation
  • Motivate others through effective presentations
  • Manage energy during high stress times of transition
  • Become an effective leader across multiple platforms

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