Finding Stillness; a resource from calm to action

Rarely is Lake Huron so still. Last week, this water was ice. Now it reflects morning dawning. I know this outer serenity is just for a moment, yet it helps me create a moment of inner calm and stillness. I hope it does for you too, whether you work from home, from the front lines, or suddenly have no work at all.

Stillness fuels action and connection

water meets sky

As a leader, you have new responsibilities in this chaotic time. I hope you can insert moments of pause into the new structure of your day; to share whatever information you have, to keep close to your people and your values, to manage risk with an open mind and heart, to discern short term steps even when you have no idea of the long ter

Look how the stillness seems to connect elements of water and air. As you pause, can you;

  • find gratitude; offer thanks to the front line and essential services workers putting themselves on the line. Become thankful for the basics of food, water and friends
  • discern new connections; to new or different people or resources, to pivot your services, work creatively as a team
  • develop growth resilience; there is no going back to our prior state. But we can become anti-fragile; facing our losses and learning to move to something new.

Simple Resources

Here are a few resources to help you find a moment of inner stillness.

You can insert a pause to ensure your body language is communicating as you intend to.

This10-minute guided mindfulness practice can help you Find Rest.

Take care, centre down, reach out….

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