Mindfulness Experience

Create Your Own Mindfulness Experience. May 13 – 17, 2020

Want to get started with mindfulness? Or find a practice you can stick with and easily integrate into your busy ...
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stillness water sky

Finding Stillness; a resource from calm to action

Rarely is Lake Huron so still. Last week, this water was ice. Now it reflects morning dawning. I know this ...
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Transition question for your next key recruit

They’re Gone. Now What? 7 transition questions for your next key recruit

When a key person resigns, it can be an opportunity for organizational change. Here are 7 transition questions to guide one ...
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Mindfulness at work expands capacity of what you thought possible

What Every Leader Should Know; 6 Reasons for Mindfulness at Work

Mindfulness is not about tuning out to reduce stress, but about getting unstuck, feeling less stretched and expanding the range ...
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Intentions shape every step toward your goal

Goals and Intentions for your New Year’s Resolution

Don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions? Set both goals and intentions to focus on tangible future outcomes and the intangible ...
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Body language for everyone

Pay attention—your body language is speaking

While you are talking, do you know what your body is saying? Use these four elements of body language to ...
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light and shadow side

Owning Your Shadow Side

Leaders who want coaching are successful, smart people. So why do I insist that we approach their dark or shadow ...
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Raven coaxes you into powerful communication

Four Factors of Powerful Communication

Communication is a challenge at every level of leadership. Powerful communication can be learned, if you build your capacities for ...
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Deliver Positive Change

Deliver On Your Positive Change

I don’t know a single leader who goes to work with a deliberately bad intention.  Yet too often we get ...
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Look for Positive Change in the Rear View Mirror

Find Positive Change in the Rear View Mirror

#MeToo, Russian interference with US elections,terrorist car bombs; you'd think the world is getting worse every day. Look again.To find ...
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Mindfulness in bright lights

Mindfulness: Distinguishing Hype, Genuine and Awesome

People often ask, “What can I really expect if I take up mindfulness? How long will it take?” I answer, ...
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Stressful Communication

Resilience in Communication

Clients often seek coaching on communication challenges. There is no one right answer. Each person’s communication challenge is unique, surfaces ...
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Prepare for the challenge of meditation retreats

7 Points to Check Out Before a Meditation Retreat

When you want to take meditation practice to the next level, meditation retreats are an experience like no other. Be ...
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Mindfulness can build your capacity for resilience

The Seven Muscles of Resilience

Mindfulness practice can automatically build resilience. This adaptation from my book Mind Your Life was originally published on Michael Taft's site ...
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Sync Up Your Self-Awareness and Other Awareness for Leap Day

Sync Up Your Self-Awareness and Other Awareness for Leap Day

Every four years on Leap Day, we are reminded to re-sync our human made clock time to nature’s solar time ...
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