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Supports for your 20 Minute Meditation Challenge

An integral approach to supporting your meditation practice can set you up for sustainable success, turning your good intentions into a positive habit for life!

Many people are inspired to start meditating by the recent FAST Company article.  And yes, it can be challenging. There’s also a lot of hype or misconceptions to overcome – like the idea that the inner chatter in your mind will quickly go quiet. Or that it’s even supposed to go quiet. NOT!

Tips and Guidelines for starting a Meditation Practice

If you’d like to start,

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Impeccable Commitments in Uncertain Times

How do you make a commitment that has staying power when you know that your promises are subject to the risks of change and uncertainties?

We all respond differently when faced with many requests for our time and actions.  One of my clients strives for perfection, so he may put things off, which leaves him with lots of items pending, niggling away at his energy. Another will try her best to accommodate, but feel overwhelmed and unacknowledged for her efforts.

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The Power of Gone; with Mindfulness your New Best Friend

What happens when you think of the word “gone”?  A sense of sorrow and loss – gone forever, gone away? A psychological thriller – Gone Girl? Pleasure and escape – gone fishing? The word gone carries a certain negative sense – of absence, of not here. There is probably survival value in this; our earliest ancestors had to notice the predators coming at them, the storm clouds gathering before the rain. Mindfulness in your attention to mini endings in everyday life can change your typical response from avoidance to receptive openness.

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Grab Your Free Won’t

What happens when you feel stymied in changing some long standing habits? Whether it’s healthy eating, getting more exercise, or how we communicate in meetings, all of us know people or have struggled ourselves with changing some long standing patterns.

Our Habits are Brain Grooves

And no wonder. Recent Princeton studies suggest that as much as 40% of what we do daily are habits; things that we do automatically, without thinking. Little choices that have built up over time to create the form of our daily lives.

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To Change Your Habits, Find the Gap Between No and Yes

When we are faced with change or choice, we often rely on our regular habits in making a decision. A good friend of mine was recently offered an opportunity to partner on a project with someone who had been a trusted mentor to her. There were many positives about the opportunity. Because my friend is a positive, open minded person who often says yes, she made some exploratory first steps. Eventually, she decided not to pursue the opportunity. As we were talking, I remarked,

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