Meg Salter

Equanimity- the fire and the ice

Equanimity for Anyone

If you have too many days of feeling off-balance, stressed or disturbed, you may seek the inner calm and stability that comes from equanimity. Equanimity is not a special quality reserved only for the favored few, but a skill that can be developed by anyone.

Lack of Equanimity as a Problem

There are days for everyone when you feel like you can’t take it all in. You could be an executive trying to meet demanding targets in shifting markets, a gig economy worker trying to make rent or a parent trying to meet work and family needs.

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Waves of change in new job

You’ve Got That Dream New Job. Now What?

What if you’ve landed that great new job, but are experiencing big waves of change, feeling disoriented or wondering if you’ve made the right move? Here are my coaching questions and tips for the Letting Come phase of change, where you are starting out something new.

Several of my clients have recently started exciting new jobs. They are exactly where they wanted to be in life. One is a tech professional who has taken a lateral move that gives her more general business experience and positions her well for executive roles.

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Mindfulness Reality Check

Mindfulness Reality Check; eight tips, one warning and one booster


I was delighted to do a guest podcast with Wendy Haylett on her new series Everyday Buddhism, already top-ranked in iTunes. You can listen to the podcast, Episode 8 in the series, here. These Reality Check tips are a summary of  how to bring mindfulness into your everyday life

Mindfulness has become mainstream, encouraged by companies such as Google and athletes such as Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant.  But it can still be confusing or unreachable for some who try to begin or sustain a mindfulness practice.

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light and shadow side

Owning Your Shadow Side

Leaders who want coaching are successful, smart people. So why do I insist that we approach their dark or shadow side? Because that’s where the gold is.

Leaders want coaching for a variety of reasons. They may have been promoted to a new role and want some new tips and tricks. They may have had feedback on watch-outs and want to learn new ways to deal with that. Or they may have experienced a perfect storm situation, where a combination of external circumstances and their own personality triggered an unexpected blow-up or undesirable behaviour.

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Raven coaxes you into powerful communication

Four Factors of Powerful Communication

Communication is a challenge at every level of leadership. Powerful communication can be learned, if you build your capacities for personal authenticity, relational connection, behavioural agility and context management.

Communication Can Make Us Cower

We’ve been travelling in Haida Gwaii, a beautiful archipelago of islands off the northern coast of British Columbia.  Rose Spit, at the very northern end, appears desolate, but is full of life, if you know where to look. I was moved here by the archetypal creation story of the Haida people,

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