Meg Salter

The Busy Person’s Path to Personal Change

 I recently led a workshop on Change Management for HR professionals in Toronto. Most people are familiar with the planning and communication skills needed for the objective side of change; the new behaviours and new systems we want to put in place. We are not so comfortable with the subjective side of change – the personal transitions we need and want to make. But how do you put new resolutions into effect when you are already totally busy?

The busy person is full up

Let’s face it –

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Mindfulness for the Self-Aware Leader

I recently facilitated a half day workshop on Mindfulness for Personal Resilience to kick off an annual two day executive retreat. Here are some highlights and a few practical pointers on how you can increase your own leadership effectiveness using mindfulness techniques.

VUCA Times                                                                                            

Do you  sometimes feel uncertain of how best to respond to issues or challenges? It may not be just you! Some situations are inherently more unpredictable than others. The phrase VUCA Times started in the military.

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threads of yarn

Are we on the same page? Leadership can be confusing

The other day, a friend was commenting  on a great article she had read, “Stress slows post-recovery workout”. In an experiment, students performed a strenuous workout. Those students with the lowest level of chronic stress recovered their strength much faster than students with higher levels of ongoing stress. My friend’s comments to me were along the lines of, “Isn’t that terrible! See what stress can do to you?”

Later I read the same article, but had a totally different reaction.

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Whacked by a Blind Spot

It happened to me last week, and it has probably happened to you. Something you didn’t expect to happen, or were advised wouldn’t happen – did happen. You were whacked by a blind spot! At the time, you do your best to respond in the moment. But afterwards, you can ask – what happened? How come I  didn’t see that coming? What could I do differently next time?

When you are driving a vehicle, a blind spot is ‘the areas of road that can’t be seen while driving forward’.

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Self-observation as a way to move forward

What do you do when you are feeling stuck, or unable to move forward on some issue in your life that is deeply meaningful to you?

One useful approach is to begin the practice of self-observation, or have one part of your attention watching you as you carry out normal daily activities. I call this the 80-20 rule. The larger 80% of you carries on with your day as a little 20% of you does the observing. It is very difficult to do this all day long,

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